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Contains information about a Python runtime, as returned by the py_runtimerule.

A Python runtime describes either a platform runtime or an in-build runtime. A platform runtime accesses a system-installed interpreter at a known path, whereas an in-build runtime points to a File that acts as the interpreter. In both cases, an "interpreter" is really any executable binary or wrapper script that is capable of running a Python script passed on the command line, following the same conventions as the standard CPython interpreter.


depset PyRuntimeInfo.files

If this is an in-build runtime, this field is a depset of Files that need to be added to the runfiles of an executable target that uses this runtime (in particular, files needed by interpreter). The value of interpreter need not be included in this field. If this is a platform runtime then this field is None. May return None.


File PyRuntimeInfo.interpreter

If this is an in-build runtime, this field is a File representing the interpreter. Otherwise, this is None. Note that an in-build runtime can use either a prebuilt, checked-in interpreter or an interpreter built from source. May return None.


string PyRuntimeInfo.interpreter_path

If this is a platform runtime, this field is the absolute filesystem path to the interpreter on the target platform. Otherwise, this is None. May return None.


string PyRuntimeInfo.python_version

Indicates whether this runtime uses Python major version 2 or 3. Valid values are (only) "PY2" and "PY3".