Installing Bazel on Windows


Getting Bazel

Download Bazel for Windows from our GitHub releases page. Look for bazel-<version>-windows-x86_64.exe, e.g. bazel-0.13.0-windows-x86_64.exe.

Tip: For convenience, rename the downloaded binary to bazel.exe and move it to a directory that's on your %PATH% or add its directory to your %PATH%. This way you can run Bazel by typing bazel in any directory, without typing out the full path.

Note: Bazel includes an embedded JDK so you don't need to install one separately. If you want to download Bazel without an embedded JDK, look for bazel-<version>-without-jdk-windows-x86_64.exe on the release page. To use it, you must install JDK 8 separately (older or newer versions are not supported), and set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, e.g.:

set JAVA_HOME=c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_171

Pay attention not to use quotes (") around the path (like you would on Unixes).

Other ways to get Bazel

You can also get Bazel by:

Install using Chocolatey

You can install the Bazel package using the Chocolatey package manager:

choco install bazel

This command will install the latest available version of Bazel and its dependencies, such as the MSYS2 shell. This will not install Visual C++ though.

See Chocolatey installation and package maintenance guide for more information about the Chocolatey package.