An action created during rule analysis.

This object is visible for the purpose of testing, and may be obtained from an Actions provider. It is normally not necessary to access Action objects or their fields within a rule's implementation function. You may instead want to see the Rules page for a general discussion of how to use actions when defining custom rules, or the API reference for creating actions.

Some fields of this object are only applicable for certain kinds of actions. Fields that are inapplicable are set to None.


sequence Action.argv

For actions created by or ctx.actions.run_shell() an immutable list of the arguments for the command line to be executed. Note that for shell actions the first two arguments will be the shell path and "-c". May return None.


string Action.content

For actions created by ctx.actions.write() or ctx.actions.expand_template(), the contents of the file to be written. May return None.


dict Action.env

The 'fixed' environment variables for this action. This includes only environment settings which are explicitly set by the action definition, and thus omits settings which are only pre-set in the execution environment.


depset Action.inputs

A set of the input files of this action.


string Action.mnemonic

The mnemonic for this action.


depset Action.outputs

A set of the output files of this action.


dict Action.substitutions

For actions created by ctx.actions.expand_template(), an immutable dict holding the substitution mapping. May return None.