Getting started with Bazel

This page lists material that will help you get started with Bazel. If you have not already done so, first read the Bazel Overview.


To install Bazel, see Installing Bazel. If you use Windows, please read also Using Bazel on Windows.

You might also want to integrate Bazel with your IDE.

Bazel container

To try out Bazel inside a Docker container, check out our public Ubuntu Linux (16.04) based Bazel container in Google Cloud Marketplace.

To get started with the Bazel container, check out Getting started with Bazel Docker Container.


To get hands-on with Bazel and understand its core concepts, complete a tutorial:

If you find yourself unsure of how Workspace, Packages, Targets and Rules relate to each other, jump to the Bazel Concepts page.

Once you are familiar with the basics, you can try the rules for other languages.


To learn how to migrate your project to Bazel, see the appropriate migration guide:


To further explore Bazel, refer to the following resources: