Installing Bazel on Windows


Getting Bazel

Download Bazel for Windows from GitHub. Look for bazel-<version>-windows-x86_64.exe, e.g. bazel-0.15.2-windows-x86_64.exe.

Tip: Rename the binary to bazel.exe and move it to a directory on your %PATH%, so you can run Bazel by typing bazel in any directory.

Other ways to get Bazel

Install using Chocolatey

  1. Install the Chocolatey package manager

  2. Install the Bazel package:

    choco install bazel

    This command will install the latest available version of Bazel and its dependencies, such as the MSYS2 shell. This will not install Visual C++ though.

See Chocolatey installation and package maintenance guide for more information about the Chocolatey package.